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Streamlining workflow when producing long form youtube videos

I've been doing my Youtube channel 'Final Fantasy & Chill' with my pal James for going on 2 years now and as the channel has grown we have started to receive more and more requests for videos.

Our latest request came from someone who plays the videos while they are teaching in a school, they asked for a long form video and wanted tracks from Final Fantasy VII through to X. I put together a playlist of 167 tracks, there are several time consuming measure that come from this that you can't streamline. But when there are repetitive clicks there is always something you can.

The single most consuming part of putting together these playlist (outside of the mixing itself) is creating the contexts data, you know the list of tracks and time codes you see in the video description that allows the viewer to click through to their favourite parts of the video.

In Cubase 11 I wanted to work out a way to create a document that automatically does this, so far I have just produced the ability to output the tracklists, which is still a MASSIVE task. I did this by using the notepad function. The trick is making sure you have something written in the notepad drop down on each individual channel. This desperately needs a script writing for it so I can streamline this aspect!

I then put the notepad information in to a google sheet document I made previously that uses a series of concatenate formulae and IF functions to produce the format needed to past in to the video, you just have to paste it in to notepad or word first to get rid of all the formatting... otherwise it looks a bit weird.

Going forward I am going to write a script that outputs the timecodes, this is going to take a while to write as I'm still getting to grips with coding.

If you have any suggestions for which language you think would be best to write this in, i'm all ears!

If you want to check out some of the longer form videos you can do so at our channel:


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