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Who am I?

Me, being awkward in every photo ever taken of me, whenever someone puts a camera in my face I get eyes like a penny slot.

I am a profesional freelance audio designer, with over 10 year experience working on-set and in post production for clients such as ASOS, Nike, Champion & the NHS. I have worked on multiple award winning short movies, creating sound on extremely low budgets, as well as FX editing, mixing and mastering. Undertaking projects from conception to delivery.

I have worked on location for TV and film, desinging in both stereo and 5.1 surround sound. My experience in this field has given me the opportunity to work with a range of equipment, microphones and recording units. Aswell as to collaborate with others in the creative indusry. I specalise in sound design, but also have a lot of experience in dialogue editing, predominalty using Isotope RX8 Advanced.

I am a father of 2, I came from a modest background and have worked for every piece of equipment i own and have worked for every opportunity i have. It is my goal to be the best possible role model to my children.


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