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Optimising Youtube Meta Data

For the past few years me and my pal James have been growing you youtube channel

The most confusing part about Youtube is the mythical algorithim, there are thousands of videos that delve in to how to make your videos catch on, some helpful, some not.

I decided a few months ago I wanted to do some experimentation with my own youtube channel to test out if i could grow this channel quicker than the Final Fantasy channel.

I'm going to keep this as brief as possible, I wanted to do some game music remixes, the first video I tried this with was Nier Automata. As my remixes were ambient videos I thought what would my potential audience be, I figured it would be people who want music to put on while doing the following:

  • Studying

  • Relaxing

  • Sleeping

  • Gaming

  • Working

I then searched youtube for some big hitting youtube videos of the above and put the link in to a meta data tool search as this:

I then cherry pick some of the meta tags that align with what i was making and then added appropriate tags for the video i made.

After that you need to make sure you have a thumbnail that demands attention, i reccomend a singular character or object centred that stands out, make sure its not too dark. Also put a title on the thumbnail which has a clear font complete with a stroke so it doesn't get absorbed by the background image when viewing in a smaller image. The idea behind this is the video stands out in the side bar when the potential view is watching something else

Finally, the title, put as much information in this as possible, you have 100 characters, use them as best you can. Make sure the potential view knows exactly what they are going to get.

This channel had 20 subs 2 months ago, now it's nearly at 200, and this video is pushing 60k views, it's a nice start. Once you have one video that hits, upload regularly, something like once a week.

I hope this helps!


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