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First Advert for Kroo

The idea of blogging was never something I thought was in my future, but several friends and contemporaries suggested I do it as a way to improve my SEO.

In the past I had a self defeatist attitude regarding my work and contributions to the industry, but as time has gone on I have gained confidence in my abilities and skills. There is a time when you have to say to yourself "i've worked bloody hard at getting good at sound-design and composition and i will continue to get better".

Not all of my blog posts will be this self reflective, It's mostly going to be work updates, pieces i've been writing and things like that.

Speaking of which, this week I worked for a new client doing a 10 second add for socials. It's a new online bank called Kroo. See what you think, i did all the sound design you can hear in this piece. I've used a mixture of my own stock sound effects and created sounds using U-He Hive and Diva.


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